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The accountancy office Wadmex in its conception had to be and it is different from the others. Actually all accountancy offices in Krakow and not only here offer similar bookkeeping and accountancy services at very similar prices. It may seem, that bookkeeping and accountancy is a simple subject and when choosing accountancy office the only one criterion should be the price of the accountancy and bookkeeping services. Prices in our office are customised to the quality of services. We believe that it is better to capture a Client by quality rather than just by a low price.

Long time ago, as young entrepreneurs we used accountancy and bookkeeping services and learnt its pros and cons very well. Forming the accountancy office Wadmex we were motivated by creating the perfect accountancy and bookkeeping. The one without all of the disadvantages of the accountancy offices, which service we used. We know, that people are the most important in a company, that is why we decided to employ the best specialists in our branch.

The experience was the main criterion, that is why our accountants have at least 20-years’ experience, what is very important when it comes to the knowledge and professionalism. We know, that our Clients’ safety is the most important in all this, so we do not compromise on the matter of our personnel’s experience.

As strongly as about accountants’ experience we care about the quality of our service, our employees understand, that Clients are not always familiar with the accountancy and bookkeeping, that is why they explain the most abstruse accounting issues calmly and with a smile. In our office we do not look down on the Client and everyone is always ready to help.

Our accountants speak in comprehensible language, they are understanding, calm and helpful. We try to make our Clients feel like the accounting department is just around the corner, that is why it is always easy to contact us by phone, email, Skype, GG or in person, drinking delicious coffee.

Our approach and service are appreciated by the Clients. The best evidence is fact, that 92% of the companies we provide services for, came to us on the recommendation of the persons, who have already used our services. We also help the foreigners, who make first steps in business in Poland.

We realise, that it is not easy to understand the complexity of tax system, that is why every person opening company in Poland can count on our help at each stage of its conducting. We are one of the few accountancy offices, that provides accountancy and bookkeeping service in Polish, English, Ukrainian and Russian. The foreigners coming from Western and Eastern Europe are almost half of our Clients. 

Our accountancy office meets the needs and the expectations of the most demanding Clients, which appreciate honesty, professionalism and high quality customer service. The essential criterion, that our Clients were guided by when establishing the cooperation with our accountancy office, was easy communication with a dedicated accountant, who prioritise given tasks, is always at Clients’ disposal and can clearly explain to Clients all incomprehensible issues.

We try to organise the work at our office so as to guarantee our Clients the maximal comfort of cooperation and to relieve them from the necessity of handling urgent issues in state authorities and offices, because we represent a company in the public authorities (Tax Office, Social Insurance Institution).

Our accountancy office moves with the times, that is why we implement the convenient and functional solutions in the range of mobile accountancy and bookkeeping with the intuitive invoice software, to which the Client has fee-free and 24-hour access. 

Also during the inspection of a company, our accountants based on their experience and knowledge guarantee the safety and professional support for our Clients, due to that they should not worry about the success of the inspection. 

Our accountancy office is a good team of the accountants and specialists, who in many years of experience in company service in different sectors of national and foreign business, obtain valuable knowledge about how the good cooperation with a Client should looks like. 

Our accountancy office try to provide comprehensive customer service. We help at the beginning stage in the registration of a company and for those, who appreciate time we provide the possibility of buying a readymade company, that can begin its activities within one day.

Among our regular Clients there are a lot of mobile entrepreneurs, who just begin their adventure with the independent business and they willingly use the innovative and proven solutions within the scope of running a business. One of them is virtual office service, popular all over the world, that allows not only to save a lot of money within the scope of  the office service, but first of all is a chance to build strong and recognisable position in the branch. 

That is why most of our Clients decide to use also the virtual office service at the Main Square in Krakow. Due to this service the Clients receive the most prestigious address in Poland. 

Within the scope of virtual office service we receive the correspondence and provide a lot of the additional secretarial services. This service is big facilitation for the Clients who travel a lot and cannot always run the stationary office. It is also convenient solution for the small companies, that are registered in private flats of their owners.

Virtual office Krakow increases the sense of privacy and allows to divide working and family life by taking over the service and our Clients’ customers, who have been visiting them in their private flats up till now.

Believing that we offer you the high quality service, we would like to invite you to cooperate with our accountancy office and virtual office at the Main Square in Krakow.

Before you decide about the cooperation, we invite you to learn about our offer and price list. The decision about choosing or changing the accountancy office is not always easy and should be taken after precise learning about all pros and cons of future accountants.

That is why we prepared for you the list of all pros and cons of our accountancy office, so when deciding about cooperation with us you will be sure, that you have taken a good decision. You can find our pros and cons here.

We Invite You To Cooperate With Us Team and Board of Wadmex Sp. z o. o.

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