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There are a lot of accountancy offices on the market. Each of them says they are the best and their service is unique. The offers on Krakow market are very similar, but it is very difficult to choose an appropriate accountant. The fact, that distinguishes us is that once, as young entrepreneurs we used the services of the accountancy offices and that is why we know your expectations. We know, that Client does not have to know everything and that is why we explain the most confusing matters patiently, in plain language. Our accountancy office offers you everything what we lacked in other offices and this is what distinguishes us.

We are not special due to the fact of being insured, because every accountancy office has to be insured. The approach to a Client and quality of service is what distinguishes us. We do our best to work comprehensively, so you can develop your companies and at the same time do not worry about such secondary issues as accountancy and bookkeeping.

Nowadays, when accountants are not required to have the Certificates issued by Minister of Finance, the quality of service began to decrease. Fortunately this trend does not concern us. The most important for us are quality and Client’s satisfaction. Apparently we realize that there are accountancy offices cheaper than our and we understand, that for some Clients the price is the most important. We do not compete with price but quality and that is why we employ accountants with 20-30 years’ experience in accountancy and bookkeeping. The accountants have the Certificates issued by Minister of Finance, confirming their competences. We assume that, although the youth is beautiful, the experience is the most important in accountancy and bookkeeping, that is why caring about your safety, we employ such persons. 

If the quality of service is also the most important for you, you will be satisfied about choosing our accountancy office, because we try as much after signing the contract, as before it. The 92% of our Clients are recommended by those, who use our services. This number speaks for itself. 

The scope of the offer is the additional asset of our accountancy office. We help our Clients to set up a company or, if someone is in a hurry, we have registered companies, that can begin operations within 24 hours. For the Clients, who appreciate the image of their company, we offer the possibility to register it in our virtual office on Market Square in Krakow. Apart from providing the most prestigious address in Poland, the virtual office offers comprehensive correspondence service and a lot of other secretarial services.

Other important fact is that our personnel is fluent in English, Russian and Ukrainian. That is why the foreigners are significant part of our Clientele. We provide accountancy and bookkeeping for them and many additional, unrelated to accountancy or bookkeeping services, aimed to help running a business on a local market.

We would like to encourage you, while browsing our website, to pay attention to a few following bookmarks, that facilitate taking a decision about establishing cooperation with our accountancy office:

The bookmark „Why We?” – Clicking on it you can find all our pros and cons.

The bookmark „Pricing” – Clicking on it you can find our special offers and pricing.

The bookmark „Wadmex Foundation” – We are in the middle of forming the foundation to help animals in shelters, because we assume, that modern and responsible business should support the weaker ones, who will not manage without outside help. We chose animals and on behalf of them we kindly ask you for support. 

We also encourage you to contact us. Our team will gladly provide you with all needful information.

Following us on social networks you will be always informed about current special offers and contests.

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