Company Registration 

You will find the information about kinds of services we offer and their short description below.

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Virtual Office at the Main Square in Krakow 

Full bookkeeping and accountancy service

What kinds of businesses we register?

 Limited companies ( LTD )

 Joint-stock companies

 Limited partnerships

 LTD Limited partnerships

 Self Employments 

 Civil law partnerships (CLP) 

 General partnerships




What kinds of businesses are readymade for sale?

 Limited Companies ( LTD )

What does the company registration service include?

As part of our service we offer comprehensive registration of a company, foundation or  association. We carry out all required procedures, prepare documentation, conduct registration process. Client receives registered company ready to conduct business activities with all documents ( NIP, REGON, KRS etc. )


What is a readymade limited company?

Our accountancy office offers readymade limited companies, that have been registered earlier for further resale. These companies have such numbers as NIP, REGON and KRS. They have wide scope of the activities, so there will be no need to widen it in the future. It will significantly reduce the business costs. The company is not registered as the VAT taxpayer, but as part of the purchase fee, we can, on request, register the company as the VAT taxpayer without additional costs. All sold companies are free of any commitments to third parties ( you receive notarial certification ). The readymade limited company can start the operations within 24 hours.


What are the advantages of purchasing a readymade limited company?

 It has NIP [Tax Identification Number]

 It has REGON [National Business Registry Number]

 It is registered in the KRS [National Court Register]

 It has wide scope of the activities

 It is free of any commitments ( notarial certification )

 The readymade limited company is time saving in relation to the registration from the bottom up

 Fee-free VAT/VAT-UE registration ( on request )

 The address at the Main Square in Krakow ( on request )

 It can start the operations within 24 hours


Virtual Office at the Main Square in Krakow

This service is aimed to the Clients who appreciate comfort and prestige resulting from remarkable location of the office in the heart of Krakow – at the Main Square. Our service let you register a company at the unique address and includes receiving the correspondence and e-mail notification about new letters. At your request we can scan the letters or send them to the designated address. You can find more information about this service in the section Virtual Office


Bookkeeping and accountancy from top to bottom

The quality of customer service and high professionalism are essential issues for our accountancy office. We can meet the expectations of the most demanding Clients. We offer bookkeeping and accountancy service for every type of business. The employees of our accountancy office do not calculate Clients’ time, so you can always count on fee-free tax-bookkeeping advices. You can find more information in the section Accounting Office.


You can find all the other prices in the pricing.

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Registration Sp. zoo.
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Ready Sp. zoo.
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Address at the Main Square
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Accounting Sp. zoo.
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Accounting foundations and associations
149  99 
Accounting KPiR
100  49 


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