Frequently Asked Questions 

1.      What kind of experience has Wadmex?


Wadmex employs employees with many years’ seniority. The majority of our accountants has 20-30 years’ experience. Due to this experience together with systematic training course, companies, that entrust us with accounting service, can feel safe, because they know their bookkeeping and accountancy is maintaining by professionals in every way.


2.     If I maintain bookkeeping and accountancy in Wadmex, will I pay extra for advices?


All advices are fee-free for our Clients. We are always willing to answer the Clients’ questions, because we assume that it is better to ask unnecessarily 10 times, than once not to ask.


3.      Can I feel safe cooperating with Wadmex?


The experience reduces effectively the possibility of making a mistake, however this does not mean, that mistake cannot occur. Well, we are only human. If we make a mistake, we will always fix it and Client will receive a compensation. We are also insured, so you can always feel safe maintaining bookkeeping and accountancy in Wadmex.

4.      Does Wadmex provide service to foreigners?


Of course. Half of our Clients are foreigners. We guarantee comprehensive customer service in the range of company registration and bookkeeping and accountancy for foreigners. We understand, that getting to know the realities of running a company in Poland should take some time, that’s why we always patiently explain Clients all matters. We offer professional customer service in Polish, English, Ukrainian and Russian.


5.      Is the off-site service possible?


Of course. We provide service to the Clients living throughout Poland and even Europe. In the age of the Internet the distance does not matter. All data required for settlements can be sent by email. It is enough to send the original invoices once a month via post.


6.     Should I come to Krakow to sign a contract?


We invite everyone to visit us in our office, but we could also sign a contract remotely. It is enough to send us the required information and we prepare the contract within 24 hours, and then we will send it via post or email. Normally, all formalities does not last more than 48 hours. 


7.     Can I count on a discount if I use more services?


Of course. Every additional service results in calculating an appropriate discount. The biggest discount will receive Clients, for whom we set up a company, provide the service of virtual office on the Main Square in Krakow and maintain bookkeeping and accountancy. Packages will be cheaper.


8.     Can I count on commission if I recommend Clients?


Yes. If you recommend us Clients, you can always count on commission during the cooperation with recommended Client.

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