Why We? 

We are not perfect ... but we do our best.


Before you read about our advantages, it is worth to learn about our disadvantages.


Our disadvantages


 We are not the cheapest office


There are a lot of accountancy offices on the market offering accountancy and bookkeeping for the companies, that are looking first of all for the lowest price. We employ specialists, who provide the highest level of service. We guarantee your company the highest quality and full safety, that the cheapest offices never can’t offer. If quality and professionalism are the most important for you as well our offer is recommendable.


 In particularly difficult cases it is necessary to make an appointment with the Customer Assistant


Our accountants are always at your service and you can always come during working hours to talk about your company, accountancy, bookkeeping and taxes. However, if you have very complicated problem or question, the help of our Assistant might be necessary. Tax and accounting consulting is fee-free for our Clients, that is why Clients often take advantage of it and sometimes it might happen, that it will be necessary to wait until the next day. In a majority of cases the appointment with the Assistant takes place on the same day. If the Assistant is busy we promise the appointment will be held at the latest on the next day. 


The advantages of the accountancy office on the Wincentego Pola Street in Krakow:


 We employ accountants with 20-30 years’ experience

 The accountants have Certificates issued by Minister of Finance 

 We provide service in 4 languages (Polish, English, Ukrainian, Russian)

 92% of our new Clients are recommended by those, who already use our services

 About 50% of our Clients are foreigners coming from EU and Eastern Europe

 We are insured, what significantly increase your safety

 We are the only accountancy office, that advises Clients without waiting for their questions

 You can contact us by phone, Skype, email, GG and fax

 We represent Clients before the state authorities and offices (also during inspections)

 We always fulfill all tasks entrusted to us on time.

 We carry out all company’s registration process

 We have readymade limited Companies, that are ready to operate in 24 hours

 We provide fee-free tax consulting for our Clients 

 We offer legal advices in an affordable prices

 We help to draw up and analyse contracts and other documents

 It is possible to hand over invoices after 16:00 and on the weekends

 It is possible to pick up invoices from your company

 We make available an invoice software, that sends invoices to the accountancy by itself

 We make available the access to the on-line company’s accountancy and bookkeeping 

 We keep up a correspondence with state authorities and offices on behalf of the Client

 If you need copies of the invoice, e.g. for guarantee, we will send them via e-mail.

 We guarantee fixed price during the whole period of the contract

 It is easy to get to us and special parking space is waiting for our Clients

 We talk in simple words about the most difficult accountancy issues

 We try to be helpful and communicative

 Our accountants are enthusiasts, who love accountancy and bookkeeping and contact with  Client

 We do not increase fees if Client delivers some invoices more, than was fixed in a contract


... we offer our Clients delicious coffee

The advantages of the virtual office at the Main Square in Krakow:


 Prestigious address at the Main Square

 We receive letters for the Client

 We offer professional secretarial services

 We inform about new correspondence by email, SMS or phone

 We employ multilingual personnel (Polish, English, Ukrainian, Russian)

 Virtual office is perfect for those, who works at home

 It is possible to rent the office for a meeting with the contractor

 It is possible to assign an individual phone number or fax

 The address at the Main Square in Krakow increases the prestige of a company

 Virtual office costs 20 times less than average office

 It is possible to locate a doorplate with the company’s logo

 We receive and send faxes for our Clients

 At Client’s request, we scan the correspondence and send it via e-mail 

 At Client’s request, we send the correspondence to the designated address

 We offer help in the translation of the documents

 The address at the Main Square is subordinate to a friendly Tax Office Krakow Stare Miasto


We invite you to read our „Price list”




The offer for you
Request a free and informative talk with a consultant
End of promotion:
Registration Sp. zoo.
500  from 99 
Ready Sp. zoo.
700  from 149 
Address at the Main Square
600  149  / year
Accounting Sp. zoo.
149  99 
Accounting foundations and associations
149  99 
Accounting KPiR
100  49 


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